Wedding at the Zoo

A Day At The Zoo

As the park closes early, and the guests start to arrive, excitement builds. Today is a very special day for the animals as they are rarely invited to parties. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and even the penguins are suited up for the occasion. The tents are up, and tables are set. Now all we need is music and the bride. What a beautiful day to get married at the zoo.

imagesflowerIt makes sense that Sue would want to get married at the zoo. She has spent her life working with animals and considers them as much a part of her family as her soon to be husband. Sue and Dan met here two years ago today while she was working, and he was visiting. She was giving a presentation about elephants when he walked up and saw her for the first time. He waited for her to finish and when she asked if anyone had any questions he asked for her phone number. Now two years later he is waiting by the elephants for Sue again. This time he is under an arch of flowers surrounded by friends and family.

Dan had been a police officer for almost three years when he met Sue. He knew then that he would do whatever he could to make her happy. It turns out what makes Sue happy is being surrounded by animals. He wasn’t surprised that she wanted to say I do at the zoo or that she wanted a carrot cake that looked like Stilts her favorite giraffe. He was fine with all of it. He had even been spending the last couple weeks training their three legged dog Lucky to walk down the aisle. He is, after all, the ring bearer. Dan was clearly very happy to be standing there, about to marry the love of his life.zoo_wedding

As Sue slowly made her way down the aisle, all eyes were on her. She wore a simple cream gown and had beautiful yellow tulips in her bouquet. They stood up there together, vowing to have and to hold. He promised to be faithful and honest. She promised always to leave her work boots outside. He thanked her, and the guest laughed. Lucky wagged his tail as they exchanged rings. They were then pronounced man and wife, we all stood and cheered as they kissed. Dan and Sue were all smiles as they walked back down the aisle towards the reception tents.

It turns out having a wedding at the zoo is great for guests that want to bring their kids along. There were camel rides, a petting zoo and they had several employees to take the kids on an animal scavenger hunt that gave all the adults time to dance and celebrate. There are so many nieces and nephews between the two of them that any other venue would have made taking care of the kids much harder. The kids had a mini buffet filled with kid friendly foods and drinks. The adults were served at their tables. The dessert table was a hit, and everyone enjoyed the open bar.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Wedding

Of all the weddings I have been invited to, this is by far my favorite. Dan and Sue love each other very much, and they wanted their special day to reflect who they are and what kind of life they will build together. It was important that they shared this occasion with the people and animals they care about the most. Having a zoo wedding was fun for all the guest and an experience that none of us are sure to forget.